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Delivering Excellence Through Technology & Innovation


EGB Engineering is a UK registered company that provides products and services to OEM clients on the design and development (validation) of power solutions and complex engineering systems including turnkey solutions for end-user clients. The company operates in the aerospace, defence, energy and nuclear sectors.


Our Vision

To be a valuable solution provider for the aerospace, defence, energy and nuclear industries.

Our Mission

To build a global reputation as an excellent provider of quality engineering solutions in the field of power and propulsion.


We are committed to innovation and to achieving the very best in everything we do by delivering on time and within budget.

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Delivering Excellence Through Technology & Innovation
What We Do

We are a global strategic engineering company that specialises in the field of power and propulsion for land, sea and air.

Our work extends across a range of market sectors – including aerospace, defence, nuclear, and renewable energy. We are proud to possess a client list that includes aerospace propulsion manufacturers, energy companies, government agencies and defence contractors.

Through our multi-industry expertise, deep technical knowledge and links with academia, we are uniquely positioned to handle our clients’ toughest strategic and operational challenges, with assignments that have included strategy development, product development, verification and validation, cost reduction, safety management, regulatory compliance and environmental impact assessments.

In addition to our technical consultancy services, we have in-house engineering capabilities that enable us to design, develop and deliver high-quality prototypes and low-volume manufacturing of complex products and assemblies for engines, transmissions, electric motors and generators, battery packs and fuel cell systems.

Ultimately everything that we do, in each and every project assignment that we undertake, we remain committed to maximising productivity, efficiency and to eliminate waste.

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Legal Notice

EGB Engineering, trading as EGB Engineering Consultants Limited is a UK registered company.

Registered office:

28 Beaumont Avenue,
United Kingdom.
NG25 0BB.

Contact details:

Business Telephone: +44(0)1636 600539

Company no. 7732779
VAT no. 123 5292 35