Smart Home Energy



  • Low-level data captured to provide feedback in every room (Heating and Electricity)
  • Low-level tailored functionality to intervene in every room (Heating and Electricity)
  • Utilise existing hardware & platform with improved software to harmonise hardware integration & connectivity

System solutions for climate efficiency

Developments in home efficiency automation systems have given way to the construction of smarter infrastructure. Such systems offer an easy way for users to control devices in a building. Commercially, there are several technologies that are currently being implemented for home automation purposes. Our research in this field has extended the capabilities of the technology into areas such as remote monitoring and control, power management, tracking & security systems and disaster warning systems. Power management has been of particular interest as it allows for a sustainable, eco-friendly future with valuable cost-cutting measures. Our solutions help to decrease power consumption in a standard home taking into account commonly used appliances and other devices and utilise the management capabilities of an engineered home automation system